Enjoying the Mediterranean Diet at La Famiglia in Reno

The Mediterranean diet is an award-winning approach to meals. It’s a diet that’s rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans and seeds, as well as extra virgin olive oil, and it comes with the added benefit of a reduced risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, depression, breast cancer, and other health conditions. Sound good? Your […]


Three Signs of Authentic Italian Restaurants

It’s hard to mistake truly authentic Italian food. Between the balance of flavors and the joy in every mouthful, true Italian food simply stands out. It’s something we’re so proud to share here at La Famiglia in Reno. But wherever you are, we hope you have the opportunity to enjoy amazing Italian meals. And to help […]


Make Valentine’s Dinner Reservations at La Famiglia Now

La Famiglia here in Reno is operating at a reduced capacity with enhanced safety protocols in light of the ongoing pandemic and our governor’s mandates. But that doesn’t mean life isn’t marching on, and the next holiday on the calendar is a big one – Valentine’s Day. It falls on a Sunday this year, which […]


La Famiglia Has Reno’s Best Takeout

While La Famiglia is a place to enjoy the full experience of a meal, including the food, the wine, the ambiance, and the familiarity of old friends, the pandemic has forced everyone to make accommodations. We’ve always offered takeout, but serving people directly was generally our preference. Now, we’re ensuring that our takeout is an […]


5 Facts about Italian Food

Italian food is a favorite for many, and there’s a surprisingly amount of myth and folklore surrounding both its preparation and the food itself. Today, La Famiglia is separating reality from fiction with these five facts about Italian food. Italian Food Uses Less Garlic Than You’d Think While garlic bread is ubiquitous in American versions […]


Four Simple Secrets to Classic Spaghetti Sauce

Classic spaghetti sauce is a magical thing. And in a time of uncertainty, there’s something to be said for spending some time making something wholesome and hearty and comforting in the kitchen. We aren’t giving away our La Famiglia recipe, but we will share four simple secrets to classic spaghetti sauce. Start with Fresh Ingredients […]


Everyone Loves Lasagna

As Americans know it, lasagna is a comfort casserole dish with layers of noodles, some kind of tomato-based meat sauce with mozzarella, ricotta, and Parmiggiano – a rich, messy masterpiece. In Italy, there are regional variations, but the beauty of lasagna is its versatility. At La Famiglia, our classic take has its roots in Naples. And […]


Six Italian Cooking Terms

You love Italian food, and you have no problem picking out the most authentic spots, but how familiar are you with Italian cooking words on a menu? Here are six Italian cooking terms to know. Al Dente Al dente literally translates as “to the tooth,” and we got in more detail about this common term […]