Three Signs of Authentic Italian Restaurants

It’s hard to mistake truly authentic Italian food. Between the balance of flavors and the joy in every mouthful, true Italian food simply stands out. It’s something we’re so proud to share here at La Famiglia in Reno. But wherever you are, we hope you have the opportunity to enjoy amazing Italian meals. And to help you find the best places to experience that, here are three signs of authentic Italian restaurants.

The Basics

Olive oil, garlic and herbs are signature staples in classic Italian cooking. These are the basic underpins to everything from pasta to polenta, and risotto to seafood. It’s this humble trio of ingredients that you can credit for the depth of flavor that’s so instantly recognizable in Italian food.

But there are other traditional ingredients. After all, nothing else compares to the signature flavor of authentic Parmigiano-Reggiano!

Starting Fresh

While fresh, seasonal ingredients aren’t unique to Italian food, they are standard. And by roasting, sautéing and marinating,  Italian cooking brings those sun-ripened flavors to life. The menu here at La Famiglia is a wonderful reflection of this standard. We’re making fresh local produce the inspiration for our offerings whenever the season allows.

Joy and Passion in Every Bite

For Italians, passion isn’t just about the food. A meal is a chance to savor the full experience, and that includes everything from the presentation to the company to the ambience. A meal should be a joyful occasion, a celebration! It’s a philosophy we embrace wholeheartedly at La Famiglia. Authentic Italian fare is infused with passion and joy, and that includes the experience of dining itself.  We hope you’ll make a reservation very soon and come in to experience true authentic Italian dining for yourself.

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