5 Facts about Italian Food

Italian food is a favorite for many, and there’s a surprisingly amount of myth and folklore surrounding both its preparation and the food itself. Today, La Famiglia is separating reality from fiction with these five facts about Italian food.

Italian Food Uses Less Garlic Than You’d Think

While garlic bread is ubiquitous in American versions of Italian restaurants, garlic isn’t as common in authentic Italian food as you might think. It certainly has its place, but when it comes to bread as a starter, Italians are far more likely to enjoy something flavorful like focaccia or plain bread with fresh olive oil.

Italian Wedding Soup isn’t Served at Weddings

Blame it on a poor translation. Italian wedding soup, or minestra maritata, originated in Naples. But its name translates to “married soup,” not because it’s enjoyed at weddings but in reference to the marriage of all the ingredients. A hearty broth dotted with pork, beef, sausage or ham hocks and leafy bitter greens, this soup originated as a peasant dish. And while it may be neither elegant nor fancy, it’s still delicious!

Italian Coffee is Served After Meals

Those tiny cups of espresso is the coffee of choice after meals, but in the morning hours, Italians enjoy coffee with milk.

Bread Isn’t Just an Appetizer

Bread serves a purpose in an authentic Italian meal. It’s used to soak up an remaining bread on the plate after a meal. And that’s why it’s important to keep a few pieces handy throughout the meal.

Pasta Comes in all Shapes and Sizes

While you may be able to count off a dozen varieties of pasta, there are countless shapes. Spiral, straight, tubes, pockets – the list goes on and on, to the tune of some 350! Here at La Famiglia, our pasta is handmade and serves as the perfect accompaniment to our sauces.

If you love Italian food, La Famiglia here in Reno welcomes you. Come enjoy our authentic approach to good food, good wine and good company. Make your reservations today, and we’ll see you soon.

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