How to Choose the Best Italian Restaurant

If you’re in the mood for Italian food here in Reno, Nevada, you have options. But no one wants to waste time and money on a so-so experience. Fortunately, there are a few keys to authenticity that can help you zero in on an Italian restaurant worthy of the name. Today, La Famiglia is sharing insider tips to help you choose the best Italian restaurant next time you dine out.

Check the Hours

In Italy, the best restaurants aren’t usually open all day long. Italians are particular about when they eat, and the authentic spots are tuned into that. That’s why they’re only open for dinner hours and sometimes lunch. An Italian spot that’s open all day likely isn’t serving the most authentic meals.

Ease of Access

A welcome drink on the house or an overly friendly hostess standing outside trying to wave you in could be indicators of a brand new restaurant or one that’s struggling. Established, authentic Italian restaurants with limited hours are often booked out – it’s a sign of the quality of both the food and the experience. These days, reservations are also a necessary way to accommodate coronavirus precautions.

A Questionably Varied Menu

In an authentic Italian restaurant, Italian food is served. That’s it. If you’re seeing wildly creative options from varying ethnicities on the menu, it’s a sign that you haven’t found a true Italian restaurant.

Lack of Seasonal Ingredients

Italian food is all about freshness, and that means using ingredients in season. If you can see a generous number of seasonal ingredients on the menu, you’re probably in for a treat. Conversely, if there’s no mention at all about the freshness or source of the ingredients, keep walking!

Ambiance and Service

Award-winning restaurants are about more than the food. Both the ambiance and the service contribute to the overall experience just as much as the meal itself. You should expect a welcoming, inviting atmosphere with attentive service.

La Famiglia prides itself on good food, good wine and good company, and we’re pleased to share that we can check off every tip on this list. We invite you to experience La Famiglia for yourself – make your reservations now, and we can’t wait to see you!

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