Why Italian Food is Probably Your Favorite Food

When we start talking about our favorite food, some kind of Italian food is usually on the list. Pizza, pasta, focaccia – these delightful options usually make the cut. But why is that? Give it some thought, and you’ll quickly see that culture and philosophy play a role. Here’s why Italian food is probably our favorite food.

Multi-Cultural Influences

Travel around Italy, and you’ll soon discover that the food varies significantly from one region to another. In Tuscany, foods tends to be simple and rustic. Up north, butter, polenta and rice are in heavy rotation. In the south, olive oil comes into play. On the coastal parts of the country, seafood abounds. Elsewhere, you’ll find tomatoes with starring roles in many dishes. Today, Italian food as a whole is a complex, layered evolution of Roman, Greek and Etruscan cuisine, and that means there’s really something for everyone.

Here at La Famiglia in Reno, we’ve pared down our menu to showcase the best of Italy’s cuisine. If Italian food tops your list of favorites, you’ll find authentic, loving renditions here at La Famiglia.

The Amazing Philosophy of Italian Food

The food itself may vary, but all Italian food shares the same philosophy – simple and passionate. Many of the very best Italian dishes use just a handful of ingredients, and the focus is on freshness and quality. Start with great ingredients and it’s hard to go wrong. Look at all that amazing pasta, and the Italian staples of cheese and wine. Tempting cheeses like Parmagiano-Reggiano, Mozzarella di Bufala, Pecorino Toscana, Gorgonzola, and Fontina d’Aosta are all regulars in Italian cooking – not mere accompaniments, but true staples. Add the wine that’s chosen to enhance every mouthful, and it’s easy to see why Italian food is so often a favorite. If you share the feeling, come, eat, drink and be merry at Reno’s La Famiglia!

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