Looking for Reno’s Most Authentic Italian Food? Use These Three Indicators

If you’ve ever had truly authentic Italian food, you knew it immediately. The delicate balance of flavors, the distinctive familiarity – even if you couldn’t identify it, you could tell this Italian food was the real deal. It’s an experience we’re pleased to offer here at La Famiglia in Reno. But wherever you are, here are three indicators of truly authentic Italian food.

A Signature Foundation

Olive oil, garlic and herbs are signature staples in classic Italian cooking, and you’ll find them underpinning dishes that range from pasta to polenta, risotto to seafood. This trio of ingredients is responsible for the depth of flavor that people immediately recognize (and adore).

Traditional cheeses are another staple. There’s just no comparison to the rich, sharp flavor of authentic Parmigiano-Reggiano!

Fresh & Seasonal

Using fresh, seasonal ingredients isn’t unique to Italian food, but it is the standard for this style of cuisine. Italian cooking brings those tantalizingly sun-ripened flavors to life by roasting, sautéing and marinating. The fresh new menu here at La Famiglia is a reflection of this standard. We’re making fresh local produce the inspiration for our offerings.

Passion and Joy in Every Bite

For Italians, passion goes beyond the meal itself. It’s in the entire experience of dining, from the presentation to the company to the ambience. A meal is a joyful occasion, a celebration, and at La Famiglia, we embrace that philosophy wholeheartedly. The best, most authentic Italian food isn’t about just the food – it’s the entire experience. Authentic Italian is infused with passion and joy, and it’s what we’re proud to offer here at La Famiglia in Reno. We hope you’ll make a reservation very soon and come in to see for yourself.

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