Four Signs Your Favorite Italian Place is Serving Authentic Fare

No matter where you go here in the US, odds are good you can find an Italian restaurant. But that level of ubiquity doesn’t mean the food itself is authentic – far from it! Once you’ve enjoyed Italian food as it’s truly meant to be prepared, pale imitations just don’t cut it. At La Famiglia in Reno, we strive for the most authentic food and experience. But if you’re dining elsewhere, here are four signs your favorite Italian place is serving authentic fare.

Traditional Staples, Flexible Flavor

The classic base of olive oil, garlic and herbs impart a signature flavor that permeates every dish, from pasta and polenta to risotto and seafood. Start with subpar ingredients here, and there’s simply no way to elevate the finished dish. But start with fresh, high-quality staples, and the flavor only builds.

la-famiglia-reno-farmers-market-vegetable-primaveraFresh, In-Season Ingredients

Good Italian food showcases vegetables and herbs at their peak. Add in classic cooking techniques like roasting, sautéing and marinating, and the flavor deepens. Here in Reno, we have wonderful local farms with amazing produce. It’s why we made the switch to a smaller menu – all the better to find inspiration for seasonal specials and showcase the freshest local veggies.

Traditional Cheeses

There’s no substitute for authentic Italian cheese, which is why La Famiglia imports wheels of Parmesan. It’s the perfect accompaniment to so many dishes.

A Zest for Good Food, Good Wine and Good Company

So much of an authentic Italian meal comes in passion for the entire experience. From preparation and presentation, service and ambience in the dining room, and the delight we take in welcoming you to La Famiglia, we take great pride in everything from start to finish. The truth is that the best Italian food is prepared simply but passionately, filled with flavor, and shared with joy. We’d love for you to experience it yourself here at La Famiglia.

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