Classic Italian Seasonings, Herbs and Spices

Authentic Italian food stands out. From the depth and harmony of its flavor to the experience of the meal itself, Italian food is something special. Italian cuisine ranges in flavor, from light and delicate to robust and hearty. And some of that flavor range comes from classic Italian herbs, spices and seasonings, added in the right amounts at the right time. Here are some classic Italian seasonings that La Famiglia uses to make our food so authentic and delicious.

Seasoning the Italian Way

  • Basilico: Basil brings a warm, sweet, distinctive flavor to all kinds of Italian dishes. It tops pizzas, flavors sauces, stands out as a main ingredient in pestos, and pairs perfectly with tomatoes.
  • Origano: Oregano is an Italian staple. This strong aromatic herb is slightly bitter, and it adds distinction to pastas and pizzas.
  • Salvia: Sage is another popular Italian herb. It’s often used to flavor dressings and meats.
  • Rosmarino: Rosemary is a sweet, fragrant herb with a strong aroma and flavor. It’s often paired with vegetables and added to vinegars and breads.
  • Thymus: Thyme has a strong herbal flavor that blends beautifully with garlic and lemon. You’ll find all three used in soups, stews, and vinegars.
  • Aglio: What’s Italian food without garlic? It’s a must-have ingredient in countless sauces, dressings, breads, and other Italian staples.
  • Pepe Nero and Bianco: Black and white pepper add depth, flavor and a little kick to every Italian dish.

Come and Enjoy

La Famiglia is open with reservations, and we’d love to cook for you! Make your reservations, then come and enjoy our classically authentic Italian food, seasoned just the right way.

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