A Review of La Famiglia, Reno’s Favorite Italian Restaurant

Reno’s La Famiglia Ristorante Italiano began with Paolo and Teresa Gaspari. They honored their Italian roots by creating a restaurant that felt just like home – a place where people could come together to enjoy food, wine, and the company of friends and family. As the restaurant changed hands through the years, that philosophy has endured. It’s evident in the reviews of our guests, many of whom have truly become friends. Here’s a recent review of La Famiglia here in Reno.

“The Hands-Down Best”

Many of our guests share reviews about their experience in our restaurant. But a late June review of La Famiglia shared online caught our attention (emphasis ours):

“I just had the hands-down best experience I’ve had in a restaurant in town. Let me start off by saying that the food was amazing, super tasteful, and not overpriced. I definitely feel like I got my money’s worth here. It’s Friday night and I decided to say what the hell and take myself out on a date haha I came in and sat at the bar where I was attended to by Claire who of course was very pretty and nice. I was promptly served a glass of whiskey and some bread. I settled on the filet mignon, the chef advised that he wanted to try out a special side of potatoes for the dish and I agreed to let him have at. I did not regret it, that’s for sure. Everything was cooked perfectly and both the potatoes and green beans were great! The chef came out to check on my food and me twice – I was very grateful for that! The GM also stopped by, the entire staff was very friendly and attentive as well. I cleared my plate in what felt like five minutes and I just wanted to keep eating haha but I decided to just have créme brûlée for desert, which I also thought was made perfectly. Overall, I will definitely be returning, I’ve walked/driven by this place so many times and I regret not coming in sooner! Highly recommend!”

Be Our Guest

We love reviews like this, and we pay special attention to reviews that aren’t as glowing. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our guests every time, from the food to the service to the ambiance to the experience as a whole, and we’re constantly working to improve. We hope you’ll come and enjoy a wonderful, authentic Italian meal with us very soon.

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