Results from The Reno Vegan Chef Challenge

During the month of April, La Famiglia had the pleasure of participating in the 2019 Reno Vegan Chef Challenge. This community event challenged local chefs and restaurants to prepare at least three special vegan menu items for a complete vegan dining experience. The catch? The food had to be so good that all diners – not just vegans – would love it. More than 350 diners submitted over 900 votes about their favorite dishes, and results have officially been tallied. Spoiler – La Famiglia made the cut!

Now That’s a Salad

We had a fabulous selection of vegan dishes for this challenge – roasted veggie focaccia, farmer’s market spring vegetable primavera with spaghetti squash, rigatoni with portobello mushrooms, pine nuts, basil, and agile e olio sauce – but diners loved one dish above the rest.

Our fresh arugula salad, made with basil oil, pine nuts, roasted garlic, tomatoes, and balsamic dressing, nabbed a runner up spot for the event’s best vegan salad. Sometimes, simple really is best!

We heard such high praise about this delightful little salad, we’ve decided to include it on our upcoming spring/summer menu. Come, eat, and give this vegan way of eating a chance! We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks to the Reno Vegan Chef Challenge for a wonderful event. Looking forward to doing it again next year!

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