La Famiglia Menu Spotlight: Butternut Squash Tortellacci

If you think butternut squash is only for enjoyment in the fall, think again. Our butternut squash tortellacci is rich but delicate – a feast for the eyes and the mouth! One bite, and you’ll see why butternut squash should be a year-round meal.

AKA Jumbo Tortellini

First, a little Italian culinary lesson – “torte” comes from torta, which is “cake” or “round bread.” The suffix -acci can be translated as “roughly made,” which makes tortellacci a kind of roughly made pasta pocket. It starts with a sheet of our delicate, handmade pasta that is then folded around fillings like cheese, meat, spinach, or in this case, roasted and delicious butternut squash. Really, it’s a big version of tortelloni, which is itself a big version of tortellini.

At La Famiglia Ristorante Italiano, we toss our butternut squash tortellacci in a flavorful brown butter sauce with a sprinkling of amaretto dust on top. Simple, satisfying, and another customer favorite.

Recommended Pairings

Our butternut squash tortellacci pairs beautifully with many of our appetizers. Try it with grilled artichokes or our grilled peach arugula salad with a citrus vinaigrette. A crisp sauvignon blanc or J Pino Gris is the perfect wine, and all of these pairings are fresh, vibrant summer flavors. Come and experience the perfect balance of summer and fall flavors now – we think you’ll love it.

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