Eating Light, the Italian Way

Many people think of Italian food as a delightful indulgence, and they wouldn’t consider it healthful eating. The truth is, you can enjoy classic Italian cooking without excessive calories. It’s called the Mediterranean diet, and you can enjoy this kind of heart-healthy eating right here at La Famiglia Ristorante Italiano in Reno.

The Mediterranean Diet

This approach to food incorporates basic principles of healthful eating, with the addition of Mediterranean staples. In other words, those following this nutrition plan enjoy:

  • A primarily plant-based diet with plenty of fruits, veggies, whole grains, legumes, and nuts
  • Olive oil instead of butter
  • Herbs and spices in lieu of salt for flavor

The Mediterranean diet also limits red meat and incorporates fish and poultry a few times per week. And, in keeping with Mediterranean customs, meals should be enjoyed with family and friends, and no one should go without the occasional a glass of red wine!

Research links a diet like this one with a lowered risk of heart disease thanks to a reduction in bad cholesterol. The Mediterranean diet is also associated with reduced incidences of cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Women may also have a reduced risk of breast cancer with this approach to nutrition.

la-famiglia-reno-citrus-scallops-sauteed-spinachWhat to Enjoy at La Famiglia

At La Famiglia, we have so many fresh, delicious choices that highlight light, summer flavor. From the sea, we’re offering our cioppino (a guest favorite!), fresh fish like sole, salmon, and swordfish with Dungeness crab. Try the citrus scallops over sautéed spinach! Enjoy our olive tapenade, our light, flavorful sauces like fresh tomato basil and Mediterranean.

Our poultry is free range and served in several preparations – piccata, Marsala, and saltimbocca (wrapped in prosciutto and sage).

Light pasta options include pomodoro, puttanesca, and primavera preparations, and they’re all offered with pasta or a spaghetti squash substitute for a boost of nutrients. The farmer’s market vegetable primavera is particularly delicious.

And for the fig lovers, we have fresh figs again! Come in to enjoy our delicious fig crostini while they remain in season.

It isn’t often that you can indulge without guilt. Fortunately, enjoying amazing Italian food at La Famiglia can be just as good for the heart as it is for the soul.


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