5 Facts about Italian Food

Italian food is a favorite for many, and there’s a surprisingly amount of myth and folklore surrounding both its preparation and the food itself. Today, La Famiglia is separating reality from fiction with these five facts about Italian food. Italian Food Uses Less Garlic Than You’d Think While garlic bread is ubiquitous in American versions […]


Date Night in Reno with COVID Precautions

In 2020, date night looks different. We aren’t quite coordinating face masks to outfits, but we are following new rules when we go out to ensure everyone’s safety. If you’re planning date night in Reno with COVID precautions, we want you to come to La Famiglia. Protocols for Your Health and Safety La Famiglia reopened […]


Recent Reviews of Reno’s La Famiglia

Since opening our doors, and through the changing of hands, La Famiglia has remained committed to sharing the simplicity and perfection of fresh ingredients. We pair good food with good wine and good company, and we treat everyone who dines with as an honored guest. Sharing these simple pleasures matters to us, and we are […]


Classic Italian Seasonings, Herbs and Spices

Authentic Italian food stands out. From the depth and harmony of its flavor to the experience of the meal itself, Italian food is something special. Italian cuisine ranges in flavor, from light and delicate to robust and hearty. And some of that flavor range comes from classic Italian herbs, spices and seasonings, added in the […]


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Many Shapes of Pasta

You’ve had baked Ziti and pasta bolognese, maybe traditional tonnarelli in cacio e pepe. You can probably even name a dozen different types of pasta. But we’re betting you’d be surprised to learn there are literally hundreds of pasta types and shapes (and they’re all delicious). Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about the […]


Reviews of La Famiglia in Reno

We know what makes La Famiglia Reno’s favorite Italian restaurant, but it still means so much when we see glowing reviews from our guests. Here’s what some of our most recent guests shared online about dining here at La Famiglia in Reno. A Wonderful Find “What a wonderful find in Reno. An easy walk from […]


All the Reasons to Use Red Wine in Pasta Sauce

Spend some time making homemade pasta sauce, and you’ve probably used red wine. And if you’ve ever used jarred pasta sauce in a pinch, you may have noticed red wine on the label. That’s because a splash of red is a simple way to dramatically elevate the flavors in your pasta sauce (and a number […]


A Review of La Famiglia, Reno’s Favorite Italian Restaurant

Reno’s La Famiglia Ristorante Italiano began with Paolo and Teresa Gaspari. They honored their Italian roots by creating a restaurant that felt just like home – a place where people could come together to enjoy food, wine, and the company of friends and family. As the restaurant changed hands through the years, that philosophy has […]


Looking for Reno’s Most Authentic Italian Food? Use These Three Indicators

If you’ve ever had truly authentic Italian food, you knew it immediately. The delicate balance of flavors, the distinctive familiarity – even if you couldn’t identify it, you could tell this Italian food was the real deal. It’s an experience we’re pleased to offer here at La Famiglia in Reno. But wherever you are, here […]