Skipping Straight to Dessert at Reno’s La Famiglia Ristorante Italiano

When we think about Italian food, dessert may not be the first thing to springs to mind. Savory entrees, delicate pastas, rich wines, crusty breads – these are where the mind tends to go, and it’s no surprise! But when you’re enjoying lunch or dinner at La Famiglia here in Reno, make sure to leave […]


The Spaghetti Squash Swap

There’s no substitute for fresh, handmade pasta. Or is there? Pasta can be a wholesome addition to a generally nutritious, varied diet, which means enjoying it in moderation. But here’s another option – substituting squash for those noodles. Here’s why the spaghetti squash swap is worth considering next time you’re craving pasta. The Benefits of […]


Six Italian Cooking Words You Need to Know – La Famiglia Reno

If Italian food is your go-to – and we completely understand if that’s the case – then you’re no stranger to scanning the menu at your favorite spot. But have you ever read something off the menu, and wondered what all those Italian words actually mean? Here are six Italian cooking words you need to […]


Pasta Preferences – The Role of Shape & Texture

Turning flour, egg and salt into pasta is a simple process with a satisfying result. All pasta comes from these basic ingredients, yet people still tend to favor certain pasta over others. Why is that? When it comes to pasta preferences, factors like size, shape and texture play a big role. Pasta Sizing From spaghetti to […]


Italian Appetizers at Reno’s La Famiglia – The Favorites

The appetizer is intended to whet the appetite before the main course. And the very best Italian appetizers should be shared around the table – just enough of something delicious that it makes you look forward to the next dish. At La Famiglia Ristorante Italiano in Reno, our appetizer menu is filled with classic Italian […]


The Right Pair – How to Choose the Perfect Wine for Italian Food

Handmade pasta topped with tender meatballs or creamy fettuccine alfredo sounds incredible all by itself, but do you know which wine would pair beautifully with either option? Many people don’t realize that the wrong wine choice can actually hinder the amazing flavor in perfectly-prepared Italian foods. Take a minute to read this post and you’ll […]


From Server to Owner – La Famiglia Changes Hands

The Gaspari family opened the doors to La Famiglia in 2004 on East First Street, the same year Nicki Shea began slinging pasta at the traditional Italian restaurant as a waitress. It was a job she adored almost as much as the Gasparis themselves,  and it was enough to put her through university and launch her […]